Product information

Document Management System Greeny based on Cloud computing represents secure, easily accessible and low-cost manipulation with electronic documents. It provides a perfect overview, management and security of documents for each user. Effective use of resources = DMS Greeny as software as a service /SaaS/.

One of the latest global trends closely related to Cloud computing is the provision of affordable services that are immediately available to customers. DMS Greeny represents the best quality in the field of original software works which, thanks to its price and accessibility, can be used by small and middle-size enterprises.

What is DMS Greeny?

DMS Greeny is a system for managing paper documents in their electronic version providing a number of useful functionalities for a radically low price.

What Does DMS Greeny by InterWay Offer?

  • Flexible overview of documents /management, archiving, recording of documents/,
  • Fulltext search,
  • Integration with MS Windows and MS Office environments,
  • Variability and mobility,
  • Digitization /multiple document scanning including automatic text recognition/,
  • Minimal investment costs of service implementation,
  • No need of hardware at customer´s site,
  • Easy access via internet connection,
  • Automatic document back-up,
  • Wide scalability,
  • Option for expanding or reducing single repository capacity,
  • Regular and free version updates,
  • Quick overview to common types of documents,
  • Direct digitizing from scanning equipment,
  • Digitizing of pre-scanned documents,
  • Workflow setting, i.e. setting of approval and escalation processes.

DMS Greeny Versions

DMS Greeny Small / DMS Greeny Small with reduced monthly fee for 1 year recommended for small work groups or smaller companies /up to 15 simultaneously working users/.

DMS Greeny Large / DMS Greeny Large with reduced monthly fee for 1 year recommended for larger work groups or medium-sized companies /up to 75 simultaneously working users/.

User interfaces:

Why to Decide for DMS Greeny as SaaS?

Because it includes all important areas and offers the best solution of modern document management:


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